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Me-owww! Cat goes through carwash

April 12, 2013

AUSTRIA — According to Female First, a cat here went through a carwash after getting stuck in her owner's car.

The April 11 story stated that the cat, Murli, shrieked as her owner pulled up to the carwash after a 20-minute drive. Even so, Murli's owner thought it was a noise coming from the engine.

The pet was put through a shampoo and blow dry in the carwash before the owner discovered her while filling up with fuel afterwards.

Carwash hosts dog wash to support animal shelter

Murli's owner, Reinhold Pratl said in the story, "I have no idea how she got wedged in there - but they had to get the local automobile club to free her. I had to drive there - very slowly.''

The cat was still wet when she was rescued from the car and taken home. The owner noted that she smelled of carwash shampoo.

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