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Ideal factors for pet washing success

April 19, 2013

Managing Editor Phillip Lawless: What types of operations have had the most success with pet washes?

Trent Walter: The ones that we see are typically other functions going on there besides self-serve carwashing where you have multiple things like in-bay automatics. Particularly where it’s coupled with like an oil change or a full service tunnel where there’s attendants.

We’ve seen a lot of success in that regards just because of the maintenance that pet washes need. It’s kind of like self-serve carwashing. A car can come in the bay and wash and you don’t know they were there, or a car can come in and wash and the bay’s almost shut down because of the amount of mud. Dog washing is very similar. So definitely, if you have attendants or people that are there more frequently, we see more success on those sites.

Managing Editor Phillip Lawless: Ideal factors for pet wash success?

Trent Walter: Going back to housekeeping, that’s number 1. Then the second ideal factor is that you have somebody that’s very actively marketing the pet wash.

So those two things seem to be very key. In the carwash industry, pet washing has been around for a while. It’s a short tenure, but none the less tenure. Out in society, they’re still not very prevalent. So a lot of education that needs to be done on pet washing, so people aren’t like comfortable. If you go into a self-serve bay now, and you really don’t need instruction signs, people can pretty much look at the rotary switch, see what options are there and move forward. Well with pet washing, the instruction signs, those things are very, very important.

So you know, marketing, hey, I have one, and then educating when they get to the site. Taking the time to work with the customers is very, very important in having a successful operation.