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Blog: First what, now who?

April 25, 2013

How many hats, really, can you wear most days?

Most business owners are stretched in so many different directions, they can’t expect, or to be expected, to focus all their attention and energies on any one single area.

Putting together a team of diverse experts and skilled advisors, in truth, might be the greatest challenge successful car wash operators now face.

For example, do you use a professional accountant to keep your books up to date, and to be certain you do not overpay, or underpay, your taxes?

For sure, there is an ongoing business expense in having this “technical expert” keep you and your business headed in the right direction, and on solid financial ground.

But it is worth the necessary investment.

Also, there is a “cost” to have your equipment serviced and maintained each month, and in having your chemicals properly delivered, set up and titrated.

I have learned that smart car wash operators routinely look to professionally trained outsiders and skilled, trusted technicians to build a strong and formidable team.

Operators know what has to be done to sustain their washes, and make their businesses grow.

Then they must identify who will actually do the work.

Shouldn’t this same process be used, in helping you build a larger customer base?

If you do not have a strong marketing aptitude, the necessary time, or the specific skill set, wouldn’t it make sense to outsource this vital activity too?

To achieve superior economic results at your wash, make it an important priority, as you assemble your team, to contract with a reliable company or a properly trained individual who will “take ownership” completely for helping you market your carwash.