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See what topped the list of worst car odors

May 6, 2013

Wet dog was voted the number one worst car odor in a poll conducted by Halfords and published in Express.

The May 3 story said dried spilt milk was high on the list as well as children being sick, sweaty teenagers following a sporting event, fast food dropped between seats and rotting fruit.


Simple odor eradication

The Halford researchers also asked how drivers like to cover up the smells. Spokeswoman Maria Dufficey said in the story, “Women are more sensitive to in-car smells with almost a third using air fresheners or sprays in the car. Their choices are also more driven by fashion and new designs, so while cute cupcake designs are still popular, there is a distinct trend towards our new vintage range. Men base their choice on colour and the name of a fragrance — choosing those that match the car they are driving and sound suitably masculine."

To read the full report, click here.