Professional Carwashing & Detailing

All about clay, part 2

June 5, 2013

The process for correctly claying a vehicle is a very simple series of actions.

First, make sure to give the vehicle a thorough wash and clean all soil and dirt from its surfaces. Dry the vehicle and inspect the finish for any imperfections you can work on.

Before applying to the surface, remove the clay from the packaging. Preferably, break the clay in half and roll one half of the clay into a ball.

Next flatten the ball into a pancake — this will allow easier movement on the surface and better the quality.

Before starting, check the paint surface for dust and or debris. Even a slight breeze can deposit dust on the surface that, in turn, will cause scratching.

Part 3 will appear in next week's Detailing eNews and it will deal with using your senses.

Renny Doyle is the founder of Attention to Details, Ltd., which specializes in detailing cars, aircrafts, boats, RV's and custom bikes. Doyle can be reached at