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Blog: Are these the new buzzwords?

June 6, 2013

The current ones, of course, are still important.

And they have had a great run.

At a critical point in the industry, several years ago, these three words provided a valuable measuring stick for conscientious operators to use. 

Of course, I am not yet ready to consign them, as the Bolshevik Trotsky surely would do, to the dustbin of history.

But quite soon, I think, “clean, shiny and dry” will begin to lose favor.

At fault is their singular focus on an outcome, an end result.

As the industry has matured, however, the guiding buzz words now must become more ambitious, and more customer-focused.

Building an enduring customer base requires a broader statement, a bigger reach.

As you read this description, see if any of the emphasized words ring true for you:

“The most successful washes of the future will have a clear vision (relevant), will be a constant source of local conversation (topical), will seek to broaden their ponds in search of new customers (evolving), and will be totally pleasing to them all (comforting).”  

 Hence, the new buzz words for your wash might well be “relevant, topical, evolving and comforting.”   

Clean, shiny and dry” may still have a few months of shelf life left.

But to elevate your wash to the next level financially, include the words “relevant, topical, evolving and comforting” in your thought processes and business plans.