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Mobile ‘carwash’ unsully launches in Boston

June 13, 2013

Unsully is not your typical mobile carwash startup. Launched June 7, the Boston-based company acts as a bridge connecting nine-to-fivers with professional detailers. Unsully Founder Joe Nigro has already forged agreements with several large Boston businesses who grant experienced detailers, within the unsully network, access to their parking lots in order to wash employee cars, who pay for the service, while they are still at work.

A Boston native, Nigro is no stranger to startups and has been a part of the Boston startup community for “a few years.” With unsully, Nigro is blending two of his previous entrepreneurial endeavors; carwashing, he ran his own car detailing business in high school, and techie-customer-service, of which he learned the ropes while at Vsnap, a business-to-business or business-to-customer video messaging service.

“I really loved that the carwashing industry is a results-driven business,” Nigro said explaining why he went back to the carwash business. “… You can see your work.” 

Initially Nigro hired a small staff to provide the on-site service, mostly trusted friends. He soon realized that there were mobile detailers all around Boston who could pick up all of the volume he could provide. Nigro decided to set his focus on finding accounts and building working relationships with the very best detailers Boston had to offer.

He says unsully is focused on providing the best – and most consistent - customer service possible and that customer wash options will grow as more businesses sign up for the service.

“I want to be able to prove I have a model that is elegant and simple for the customer to use and to use over and over and over again. And to deliver quality,” he stressed.

“I want to be able to prove I have a model that is elegant and simple for the customer to use and to use over and over and over again. And to deliver quality”

On the unsully website, Nigro posted a testimonial from Steve Solari, COO of Skyhook Wireless.

“Unsully delivered quality and convenience with a few clicks of my mouse,” Solari said in his testamonial. “The team here at Skyhook Wireless are huge fans and will be using their mobile car wash services for a long time.”     

Right now, unsully offers the service at $19.99. Nigro hopes that as word spreads he will be able to offer a subscription service, interior detailing and add-ons, such as tire shines. He also offers the service to companies to give to employees as a perk or bonus incentive and hopes it catches on as a gift.

“How awesome would it be [if someone sent you a car wash] while you were at work?” he quipped.

Unsully is not only relying on word-of-mouth in their efforts to raise awareness of their service. Nigro has set up a Facebook page, a Twitter account and an Instagram page for the company. The Instagram page features photos of detailers cleaning high end rides and classics.

Nigro concedes that unsully provides a mobile car detailing service, rather than a “washing” service, however the tech-savvy entrepreneur realizes we live in an e-driven SEO-world, where the words a small business uses in its description of itself online are just as important as the quality of service they provide.

“Nobody searches ‘auto detail.’ People search for ‘carwash,’” Nigro explains. “The reason we call it a mobile carwash is specifically for that purpose … We’re going to be very tech-centric.”

Check out unsully on the web.