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Wet dogs stink

June 12, 2013

Rain slicker manufactures have to be whistling a happy tune this spring. Across the United States lately, wet weather has been a damper to most of our days more often than not. Wet weather means pretty flowers and gardens (that is, if you have braved the weather to plant them), but also dirty paws. What is your dog like when it comes to wet and stormy weather? My childhood dog, Pepsi Cola, was terrified of storms and didn’t think much of rain. He would bolt out the door and be back in lickity split. Even then, I remember the old towel sitting by the back door waiting to dry his paws and fur coat off. It wasn’t long before that dreaded wet dog smell would overtake him and a bath became top priority. I am guessing this is a similar scene, err stench, in most homes. What really got me thinking about this was the steady line of customers at our pet wash locations over the past few months. The rainy weather hasn’t seemed to deter pet owners away from the stations. In fact, month-to-month, more rainy day dominated months show a better percentage of usage than our car washes. Ya’ll know the only thing stinkier than a dirty, wet dog is a rainy month in the car wash industry! After the past few drizzly months, my new mantra can be summed up in one word: diversification. I’d like to say that putting all my eggs in one basket has proven to be successful. What I have found though, is that at the end of most rainy days I have a big basket of not-so-pretty eggs. When I divvy up my eggs into a few smaller baskets (say, one for my car wash, one for my pet wash, one for my vacuum islands, etc.) though, I wind up with an assortment of eggs, some more pretty than others. Perhaps that was a bit of a long winded example, but the point is that no matter the weather, you end up with at least a few pretty eggs. Here’s to a sunny, pretty June! If not, I will count on my pet wash for that hint of pretty amidst the drizzle.