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Blog: “If There Is A Cure For This...”

June 21, 2013

“I don’t want it,” sings Motown queen Diana Ross in her smash disco hit of the late 1970s, Love Hangover.”

She wanted nothing to interfere with her wonderful enjoyment of the moment!

And, in case you may have missed her point, she repeats it.

“If there is a remedy, I don’t want it,” she coos joyously, in a state of pure bliss.

No short blog can do justice, of course, to this mega-star who sold hundreds of millions of albums, and sold out thousands of concerts in a celebrated career.

The message here is a critical one, nevertheless. 

What do you do, really, to discover and then express the great joy and wonderful excitement in your life?

If you are like some business owners, a softly-spoken answer to that awkward question might be “not much.” 

Worse, if you answered, “I can’t think of anything really special,” then I ask you to pay close attention. 

For me, you see, this is a very personal matter.  

Sadly, my deceased father never could find that critical balance in his too-short life between his work, which he enjoyed immensely, and the beauty, or some might say, blessing, of a full, vibrant and joy-filled personal life.

Moreover, I can only name a dozen or so small business owners who may have reached this very high bar.

Thus, I am thoughtfully concerned about the fate of the thousands of dedicated operators who have built and sustained the carwash industry. 

You know who you are.

Your closest friends would describe you as a “Type A behavior” personality.

On any given day, you are wearing three or more different hats.  

From my own experience as an owner, I understand that the daily grind of building a successful business can become burdensome.

Many days, I feel like my business owns me, and not that I own the business!!

Now, I make a special effort to find more joy and excitement in my life.

I strongly encourage you, the Type-A types, to do the same.

I am not suggesting, of course, you do something stupid or Charlie Sheen-silly.

What I do ask you to consider is that you make a serious effort to find a healthy and purposeful balance between your business life and your personal life.

Your family will appreciate your sincere effort, your employees will become more responsible and helpful, and your growing customer base will be better served as well.

Finally, with any luck, your load will be lifted, and you soon will be happily singing along with Marvin Gaye the chorus of “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.”