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Carwash owner drops lawsuit

July 2, 2013
CHANUTE, NM – 8th Street Carwash owner Cody Mummery has agreed to drop a $75,000 lawsuit against the city after a U.S. District Judge threw out an injunction which prevented the carwash from being open during regular business hours.

The suit sought reimbursement for lost revenue, punitive damages and further relief the Chanute Tribune reported.

FlightCar sued by S.F.

The suit stems from water restrictions placed on Chanute residents Molly Gordon, Mummery’s attorney argued that his carwash was unfairly targeted by city officials.

“We are arguing there is a constitutional violation,” said Molly Gordon at the time of filing. “What we are saying is that it is a violation of the equal protection clause, which means that they singled the car wash out. The car wash was not the top consumer of water in the city, yet the car wash was the only business specifically shut down.”

Mummery could still seek damages for lost revenue.

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