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Wash On Wheels awarded Comcast contract

July 2, 2013
DENVER, CO — Mobile detailing service Wash On Wheels has been awarded the contract to wash Comcast’s truck fleet.

Each Comcast location has between 30 and 200 trucks that need to be washed efficiently and thoroughly. The company also required water recovery and Wash On Wheels specializes in EPA water recovery - which is one of the overwhelming reasons Comcast went with Wash On Wheels.

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“We often schedule our crews to meet the specific needs of our clients,” said Joel Shorey, president of Wash On Wheels in the press release. “Comcast can’t have their technicians sitting around waiting for their trucks to be cleaned. Being able to get the job done on their schedule is one of the main reasons our clients call us.”

Wash On Wheels has been doing business in Denver for over 28 years and also have contracts with government departments to wash their vehicles.

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