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BioRide starts mobile detailing company

July 8, 2013
RICHMOND, VA — Founders of luxury car service BioRide have started a mobile detailing business with a ninja theme.

Appropriately called Ninja Detailing the company works on both vehicles and boats.

“The whole brand of the ninja is fast. It’s quick. It’s discrete,” Co-owner Jeff Anderson said in the article. “That’s what we want out of our mobile detailing business.”

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Ninja Detailing uses paid interns to detail and uses a martial arts-type ranking system in their training: Trainees begin as white belts, then yellow, then green. Once fully trained they become black belts.

However in order to earn the black belt the intern must propose and implement a community service project. Ninja Detailing owners say the curriculum teaches the interns how to present to clients, analyze budgets and problem solving.

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