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Dog days of summer

July 9, 2013

Hot diggity dog!  Welcome to those doggone days of summer. I don’t know about you, but I spent the holiday weekend with family and may or may not have enjoyed one too many hot dogs of my own.

The Dog Days of Summer is an actual term given to “the most sultry days of summer.” Originally the term, Dog Days of Summer¸ related to the Sirius or “the dog star”. What we know it to be today are those forty days or so where the summer heat is squelching and your ice cream cone melts down your wrist no matter how fast you lick. It is hot, sticky, and can be tiresome. 

As we find ourselves smack dab in the middle of this season, might I suggest that we keep going strong? Sometimes it is easy to let the banners droop and the trash get a little too full. We blame it on the heat or the tiredness or whatever else, but what we have really lost is our enthusiasm. Enthusiasm sells, even in the carwash industry.  

My two year old daughter loves socks, perhaps to an excess. She tells everyone about her socks, sings about socks, pretends to give her socks a drink of water, etc. Her enthusiasm over her socks is infectious. This type of enthusiasm is exactly what every carwash and pet wash owner needs. In the heat of this doggone summer, we should jump and heel click over an overflowing trash can. It means that we have patrons using our facility. Making it so we can empty our token machines and download our credit card statements, something we never mind doing — sticky or not.

So let’s celebrate these Dog Days of Summer with high flying banners and a type of enthusiasm that would make my little girl proud. Celebrate National Dog Day (link to August 26th.