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City study finds home washing bad for water systems

July 11, 2013

A study by the Washington city of Federal Way has determined that home carwashing led to pollution  being released in the city’s storm sewer system. In their report they found 190 gallons of gasoline, diesel and motor oil, 400 pounds of phosphorus and nitrogen and 60 pounds of ammonia had polluted their sewer system as the result of home carwashing.

Those staggering numbers come from a city with only 62,000 passenger cars, according to the Idaho State Journal story.

Save the bay campaign promotes commercial carwashes

The report said the average homeowner uses 116 gallons of water while home-washing. According to the Mid-America Regional Council most commercial carwashes use 60 percent less water for the wash, start to finish, than an at-home washer uses just to rinse their vehicle.

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