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Carwash employee gets foot caught in conveyor

July 17, 2013
SACRAMENTO, CA — An employee’s foot was “crushed” in a conveyor when her foot was caught between a moving roller and a steel rail.

"One of the employees had a misstep and got her foot caught in some of the machinery," Sacramento Fire Department Battalion Chief Shawn Perry said in the ABC News 10 story.

Carwash dryer nearly hits patron

Quick Quack Car Wash Co-owner Travis Kimball said employees are required to wear slip-resistant shoes and while the employee had ordered some he was “not sure if she had them on.” Kimball also said the carwash has “very detailed safety and training in place.”

It is still unclear what caused the employee’s foot to get caught in the conveyor or the extent of her injuries. Cal OSHA has already been contacted.

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