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Prestige Car Wash offering gas discounts

July 25, 2013
Prestige Car Wash locations in Canton and Tauton, Massachusetts are offering customers some relief at the pump as gas prices spike.

Prestige is offering 10 cents off per gallon with their $8.99 exterior wash, 20 cents off with their $11.99 deluxe wash, 30 cents off per gallon with their $14.99 gold wash and 50 cents off with their $20.99 platinum wash.

Multi-profit business known for deep gas discounts

“It’s a shame that summer sees the highest prices. Just as families are gearing up for their summer trips, they have to worry about the cost of fuel,” Prestige Car Wash owner Ronen Drory, said in a press release. “We’re hoping our promotion gives people one less thing to worry about and instead, time to go and enjoy that road trip.”

Prestige has nine Massachusetts locations offering automatic and full-serve washes in addition to detailing and pet washing services.