Professional Carwashing & Detailing

Carwash schedules grand opening

July 25, 2013
ALBUQUERQUE, NM — The grand opening of Good Wash Car Wash & Detailing is scheduled for 1 p.m. Saturday.

This wash, however, uses steam to wash cars instead of water.

Using a diesel-driven steamer at about 210 degrees the carwash uses about one gallon of water per car.

Daimer releases steam cleaner

“It’s environmentally friendly because there’s no chemicals used to wash the car,” said Bijan Mowzoun of Good Wash in the KOB 4 story. “It’s just steam, hot steam, 210 degrees Fahrenheit. It dries very quickly, doesn’t leave running water.”

They also claim that steam will kill a lot of bacteria when used inside the car.

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