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Detailer goes back to work after near-fatal crash

July 25, 2013
Daniel Huf had wrecked his Porsche. The undertaker had been called. His wrist had been tagged for his death certificate.

From the article:

“However after being pulled from the twisted metal and place on the road Huf began to breathe.

The Australian Herald Sun has published Huf’s story of life after what seemed to be death. This begins anew with his first day back at work as a car detailer.

“Daniel, now 32, lost three years of his life on the night of his crash, which he bluntly calls the night "my Porsche and I died".

Car plows into carwash

Little bits come back to him of those three years, but mostly he has to trust what people around are telling him.

On Monday, Daniel met his undertaker on the median strip of the Western Highway where the smash happened. The two men stood silently for a moment, one that only a handful like them have surely ever shared. Crawford handed over that wrist tag. Something else for the scrap book.

They shook hands, broken cubes of his windscreen scrunching underfoot where the upturned Porsche came to rest. As Daniel glanced down he noticed a black and silver bracelet in the gravel.

"Hey, that's mine. Maybe I'll be able to find some of my teeth, too, for the tooth fairy," Daniel says.”

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