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City partners with carwashes for 'Clean Streams' campaign

July 29, 2013
SALEM, OR – The city has partnered with three local carwashes as part of its ‘Clean Streams’ campaign, which aims to reduce pollution in the waterways.

Salem officials urge non-profits planning on holding a carwash fundraiser to pick one of their partner carwashes to help them raise funds.

“… Washing cars on large impervious services, such as parking lots, often leads to pollution entering local streams,” Deborah Topp, a natural resources outreach specialist for Salem Public Works Department said in the Statesman-Journal article. “This is because most storm drains in Salem lead directly to the nearest water body, such as Pringle Creek, Mill Creek, or the Willamette River.”

Parking lot carwash denied by town

Salem will partner with Blue Elephant, John’s Car Wash and Willamette Mist for the campaign.

Topp added pollutants such as exhaust residue, gasoline heavy metals and auto fluids are not captured in parking lot washes as they are in commercial carwashes.

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