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Kleen Car offers financing programs

July 30, 2013
NEW MILFORD, NJ — Kleen Car is now offering a financing program to its customers.

The program offers zero percent financing and lease to own programs.

Kleen Car releases new product

 “Lenders have become more willing to fund lower dollar amounts to small companies than ever before. It used to be a lender was only willing to lend $10,000 or more and fund large purchase to fully established commercial businesses,” Kleen Car Owner Kevin Farrell said in a press release. “If you were a start-up, or less than 2 years in business, forget it. If you wanted to finance less than $3000 worth of detailing products or equipment, forget it. If you had borderline credit, forget it. But now, we work with a finance company that has exciting new programs for everyone.”

Kleen Car hopes the new financing options will help car care professionals upgrade to newer equipment regardless of their business size.   

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