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Battle over carwash noise continues

August 14, 2013
LEIGH, MANCHESTER, ENGLAND — The London Road Carwash, recently deemed illegal by the Local Planning Office, is yet again under fire as local residents continue to speak out against alleged noise.

Serah and Tim Keane say they have been forced to delay moving into their recently purchased and renovated home due to the excessive noise caused by the pressure washers and vacuum cleaners used at the carwash.

 “I own the ground floor flat, but I haven’t moved in yet because this has been an absolute nightmare,” Serah Keane said in the Southend Standard story.

Planning officers have recommended the Southend Council to close the carwash.

Carwash deemed illegal, under review

According to the carwash owner Brian Blackburn the council has not taken any noise readings at the site. He called the noise complaints, “petty.”

“We have used power washers and hoovers at the site for 30 years,” Blackburn added.

The council has a vote regarding the site next Wednesday.

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