Professional Carwashing & Detailing

All about air tools

September 4, 2013

With air, you have a choice of tools that can help you be efficient.

Rotary buffers are lightweight and easier to handle. These buffers have variable speeds and the on/off trigger can be "feathered" when buffing over cracks and ridges to avoid burning. The buffers also last longer and require less maintenance.

With air, you can use Rotary Shampooers, smaller vertical air tools equipped with a round, nylon shampoo brush. With these units, you can shampoo carpets, upholstery, vinyl, and convertible tops quickly, effortlessly, and with improved quality. They are variable speed, and the trigger can be “feathered" to avoid damage.

You can also use Mini-Orbital Waxers to apply and remove waxes and sealants. The waxers only weigh two pounds, allowing the detailer to wax an entire car in less than 10 minutes without fatigue.

And, there are now Dual-Action air tools that equal the performance of electric dual-action tools.