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7-Eleven offering healthier snacks

September 13, 2013
7-Eleven is rolling out a healthier snack selection at its 8,000 stores nationwide.

"Better-for-you is one of the fastest-growing segments of the snacking category," says Rebecca Frechette, a vice president of merchandising at 7-Eleven in the story.

According to the report 38 percent of consumers say they ate “more healthy” snacks last year versus the year before.

The founder of Brand Keys, though, says that is not enough to drive sales – from a marketing standpoint.

"If you're thinking about a better-for you snack, it's not likely that 7-Eleven is at the top of the list," Robert Passikoff, Brand Keys founder, said.

Less than a year ago 7-Eleven started selling fresh fruit at their stores.

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