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Blog: The better team won

September 17, 2013

What an exciting contest.

In fact,this game was not really decided until the last minute.

To me, however, the final outcome was predictable; some would even say it was inevitable.

In team sports and in many businesses, we know the teams and companies with the greatest array of skilled players and properly utilized resources will win more games and capture more customers than their lesser rivals.

There is a valuable lesson here for “do-it-yourself” car wash owners to learn.

Texas A&M may have had the best player on the field.

But Alabama was the better team. 

A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel was simply brilliant in his preparation and effort, completing a remarkable 28 of 39 passes, amassing 464 yards in passing yards (and had nearly 100 more yards rushing), and he threw for five touchdowns.

Alabama had more athletes, however, and won the hard-fought contest, 49-42.

If they play again later this year, it is quite possible that A & M could win the rematch. Manziel has an uncanny knack for making big plays.

But if these teams were to play ten games head-to-head, ‘Bama would win eight.

To be sure, many car wash operators might relish the challenge and opportunity to be a spectacular “one-man” show.

And like Manziel, who won the coveted Heisman Trophy Award last year, you can enjoy a considerable amount of fame, success and achievement. 

But if you wish for your business to reach a higher level of performance, I encourage you to uncover those underutilized resources around you to help you build a stronger and more resilient team.

Embrace your skilled employees and seek additional support from your suppliers.

Their valuable contributions will make your wash more successful.