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Daimer Industries ships Xtreme Power XPH-6400IU

September 20, 2013
WOBURN, MA — Daimer Industries Inc. has announced the shipping of the Xtreme Power XPH-6400IU. The unit offers 170 PSI – the most powerful in its class.

“Maintaining the highest standards of service and performance in the car detailing business is imperative due to the highly competitive niche within which the operators compete,” Daimer Industries, Inc. spokesperson Matthew Baratta said in a press release. “… The powerful car detailing specialist is capable of performing a range of functions, including upholstery and carpet maintenance, and car interior detailing. Auto detailing business owners are going to love this simple-to-use yet rugged detailing system.”

The unit features a 10 gallon solution tank and 10 gallon recovery tank, 25-foot hoses, a foot-long adjustable carpet cleaner wand and adjustable temperature control.

Daimer Industries offers two gallons of their Eco-Green Carpet Care and Upholstery Cleaner free with every unit.

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