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Blog: Don't lose control of the remote...

September 23, 2013

Stay in control of your remote control. Especially at this time of year, sports guys know this steadfast principle is valid.

It is a sad but true statement to consider, that at the worst possible moment, our duly-loving, better halves can quickly if unintentionally disrupt an otherwise enjoyable afternoon viewing of a baseball playoff game or, worse yet, a great college football contest with just a simple, accidental push of a button.

This morbid fear is valid too, when younger loved ones randomly enter or invade the TV room at any time, and innocently assume the remote is for their use also.

Take this heady advice: As head of the household, your game-day control of the TV remote is always total and non-negotiable.  

You may have to cut the grass, put away the groceries, or even clean up an unsightly mess in the garage, but never, ever surrender control of the TV remote.

I have yet another basic requirement to obtain MVP, maximum viewing pleasure. 

Because of my physical frailties, I need to control the temperature setting of the thermostat in our house, too.

No one can really enjoy a hotly-contested football game while wearing three layers of clothing!!

I am not asking for the world here.

To make my life simple, complete and joyful, I only desire to watch without interruption a football or baseball game of my own choosing one or two days a week (well, maybe an occasional night game, too), and not be shivering in my bones.

Carwash operators, alas, do not have it so easy.

They encounter challenges and unexpected, unplanned interruptions each day.

I have learned, however, the very best operators know what they can control, and admit as well, what is beyond their reasonable reach.

For starters, they can’t control the weather.

Nor can they expect to control the hundreds of other competitors in their markets.

Their greatest focus, instead, is on three different, important and crucial tasks.

First, the most successful operators seek to hire, train, and then promote their best attendees, employees and managers.

Next, “best in class” operators also seek to communicate more frequently with their customer base, and with greater effectiveness, to build stronger relationships with them. 

Finally, savvy operators know the hidden but unmistakable value in gaining greater assistance and support from their partners or service providers. 

For sure, this is a very tall order. 

There is, of course, a huge, fundamental difference between my success and yours as an operator.

On game-day, you see, I can easily change the TV channel or adjust the room temperature as needed on my own.

To make your wash a growing and thriving enterprise, however, you must recruit and retain a reliable team of proven performers.