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Chip Conley gives keynote address at Western Carwash Show

September 25, 2013
SAN DIEGO, CA — Chip Conley, a self-made entrepreneur, speaker and author who owns a premier line of upscale hotels, was invited as the keynote speaker at the Western Carwash Show in San Diego to talk about how to thrive as a business owner with tips and advice from his New York Times Bestseller, Peak: How Great Companies Get Their Mojo from Maslow .

Conley gave wise words of advice to a large crowd of carwash owners on how to succeed beyond just making the cut. In a system he calls Karmic Capitalism, Conley said the key to a thriving business is creating a unique corporate culture, providing a premium experience for the customer and making sure employees are happy.  When an employee loves what they do in an environment they enjoy, that positive energy will create loyal customers who will pay for that premium experience because they will go where they feel appreciated and where they feel joy.

Conley said most employees are looking for compensation like decent pay, incentives, tips and benefits. As an employer you have to offer them more: you have to make them happy to work day in and day out. “Whatever it takes, it’s worth it,” he said.

The number one thing any employer should ask when considering the state of their business is, “are my employees happy?,” Conley said to the attentive carwash owners.

 Conley ended his invigorating talk with, “If you focus on the human needs of your customers and employees, you create a peak experience, and peak business performance,” which was met with applause.