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Daimer Industries launches new cleaner

September 26, 2013
WOBURN, MA — Daimer Industries Inc. has announced the launch of the XPC-5700U designed for easy mobile carwashing.

The unit features low-flow technology for fast drying times and a variety of heads for different jobs. Daimer says the unit is perfect for luxury livery vehicles.

“Impeccable cleaning and maintenance is imperative for premium cars like limousines, but those maintaining them often complain about the lack of options available while selecting cleaning systems to keep limousines looking new and attractive,” Diamer Industries, Inc. spokesperson, Matthew Baratta said in a press release.

The machine supports temperatures up to 140(d)F, offers a water lift of 100 inches and an air flow of 100cfm.

Daimer offers two gallons of Eco-Green Carpet Care free with the purchase of the unit.

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