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See the ball, hit the ball

October 2, 2013

At its core, baseball is a simple game.

The team with the best hitters and pitchers, predictably, will win.

I am pleased to report, that I share Ron Holub’s great love of our national pastime.

I have learned, moreover, that Ron has developed a keen eye for evaluating good MLB hitters.

We both live in Atlanta, so it is natural that we have become solid Braves fans.

His favorite players are Freddy Freeman, Chris Johnson and the rookie hitting-sensation Evan Gattis.

In the Braves’ potent lineup, however, there are a couple of players who have earned Ron’s wrath.

“They choke” I have heard him spew many times this summer.

“They never get a clutch hit,” Ron says, and rightly so.

But I am convinced that not getting timely hits is the real problem.

“These two guys are not seeing the ball properly,” I tell Ron.

Seems to me, you have to see the ball first, before you can expect to hit it.

Going into the National League playoffs, the savvy Braves’ manager has solved this very troubling problem.  Neither player will see much playing time now.

Smart car wash operators must learn an important lesson from this true story.   

Sometimes you may have to dig deeper, and ask another question, to reach the correct solution to a nagging performance problem at your wash.  

You may think you are not washing enough cars. 

That is, for sure, a very real concern.  If you are not washing enough cars, you may also have a monthly challenge in reaching and exceeding your financial goals, too. 

But a more fundamental problem could very well be that you are not promoting your wash effectively. 

During the next 60-90 days, I encourage you to pay much greater attention to the marketing of your business. 

You will see that your wash count and revenue issues will abate accordingly.