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Man who stole from carwash over 10 year period sentenced

October 14, 2013
BALD MOUNTAIN, AK — A “survivalist” funded his off-the-grid bunker by stealing more than $400,000 in coins from a carwash he had worked at.

According to the Alaska Dispatch, Steven Berry began working at Mudbusters carwash in 1999 and quit suddenly in 2009. It was after the carwash started turning record profits that the owners realized that Berry might have been stealing from them for a decade.

The Mahoy family, who owned the carwash, filed a civil suit against Berry in 2011. Wasilla police launched an investigation that same year. Berry was ultimately tried, and convicted, of first-degree theft of more than $25,000, a Class B felony.

The state plans to seek up to $415,000 in restitution.

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