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Carwash is approved despite opposition

October 22, 2013
WARSOP, NOTTINGHAMSHIRE, ENGLAND — Despite a 34-name petition in opposition a planning application for a parking lot carwash has been approved.

The application was submitted retroactively, according to the Hucknall Dispatch story, as the carwash had been operating without proper permission prior to the filing.

The operation without a permit was just one of the objections filed. Others included claims that two people had been living in caravans at the site, staff had been urinating in public view and damage had been done to a nearby greenhouse by the staff playing soccer. They also raided the issue of whether the site had adequate drainage.

The carwash responded by showing in their application that staff toilets had been provided, insisted that no one was living on the site and the caravans were for sale. They also contend they had resolved the draining issue with the Environment Agency.

The planning committee approved the carwash by a 10 to one vote.

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