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SONAX donated polish to team detailing planes at Seattle museum

October 22, 2013
INDIANAPOLIS, IN — SONAX Perfect Finish Polish is donating over 40 bottles of Perfect Finish Polish to the Supreme Team who are detailing the original Air Force One airplane located at the Seattle Museum of Flight, a press release reported.

The Supreme Team consists of 33 high-end detailers handpicked by master detailer Renny Doyle of Detailing Success.

The team will also be detailing the Boeing B-47 Stratojet that is grounded at the south entrance of the museum.

The team will use SONAX Perfect Finish Polish exclusively.

“Compared to the huge amounts of other products needed, only a small amount of SONAX is needed to protect the shine on this $100 million plane,” Doyle said the release. “I consider it the best professional-grade polish on the market today for this application and we thank SONAX for their donation to this pro bono project.”

 In addition to the polish the team will use over 2,000 microfiber towels, over 1,000 terry cloths, over 2,000 feet of plastic sheeting, over 5,000 feet of extension cords and over 200 polishing pads to complete the project.