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Steve Gaudreau & Associates, LLC is now Brink Results, LLC

November 12, 2013

FORT MYERS, FL — Steve Gaudreau announced in a press release that Steve Gaudreau & Associates, LLC will now go by the name: Brink Results, LLC.

The Nov. 5 press release quoted Matt Hord, director of marketing, who stated, “We changed our name to more effectively reflect our relationship with our clients. People call us when they are on the brink of some change: Problems within an organization that need solving, opportunities that can be exploited, or an acquisition that needs to be accomplished. They usually need to move quickly before the 'brink' of change propels them in a direction for which they are unprepared to handle effectively."

The company started out in 2005 and Gaudreau and Jacquelyn Bridge, the principals of Brink Results, have been in business together since 1992.