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Are LED lights expensive?

November 15, 2013

LED technology is a great fit for the carwash industry because of the illumniation it can give to the carwash bays, but it can seem like an expensive project and owners are wondering if it's worth the cost.

According to Chuck Dolezalek, director of product development, lighting and indicator products at Banner Engineering, LED lighting is more expensive, but the prices have significantly dropped over the years.

"LED lighting is more expensive than fluorescent and incandescent lighting, but the cost has dropped significantly over the past several years. Manufacturers are continually improving the efficiency and brightness of their LEDs and the volumes are driving down prices to make them very competitive with traditional lighting technology."

If you're thinking of adding LED lighting, you also have to consider the energy savings and the money savings you will accomplish over the years.

"When deciding whether to switch over to LED lighting it is also important to look beyond the initial investment and take the energy savings and long lifetime (of the lights) into account," Dolezalek said.

LED lighting works over long lenghts of time, even in wet environments, due to their robust enclosure design. "The enclosure must be able to withstand spray from hot water and detergents to protect the sensitive electronic components inside," said Dolezalek.