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Blog: Bah humbug!

January 14, 2014

Don't get me wrong, I am perfectly capable of enjoying a lot that this season has to offer, but I have noticed that a lot of people out there are being more naughty than nice.

For instance, I went on a day-long shopping trip outside of New York City this past Saturday. You would have thought people were on some sort of game show, the way they were running around and not paying attention to others.

I struggled with a stroller, containing a 1-year-old, as well as a sore knee, and packages, and had trouble getting through some vestibules. People would rush past me, not offering to hold open the door. Or, even worse, a person would hold open the door for me and then another person — out of nowhere — would budge in front of me, sometimes even hitting me with one of their packages.

I was losing hope for humanity, when suddenly a nice, young woman saw me struggling to get through a doorway with my stroller. She rushed over to the door, and shouted, "You would think someone would help this woman and her child!" She then held open the door and let me through and everyone stood aside as I passed on through. It was glorious, and kind.

I know that this time of year can be tough. Between the pressures of gift buying, family get-togethers, penny-pinching, sale shopping, and so on, it can be draining. I get it. But, sometimes it helps to remember people don't necessarily remember the gifts or the food, but can remember your attitude.

At your business, you might see some disgruntled customers. They might be grumpy from shopping, or perhaps they are missing a loved one, or maybe they get lonely this time of year. So, remember that a "happy holidays" or the simple holding open of a door can go a long, long way.