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Combination oil change and carwash opens

January 25, 2014

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Customers of Quick Clean will be able to wash their car, and get an oil change, in the same visit, according to a press release.  

Eric Gray, proprietor of Quick Clean, explained his idea for the service. “For a lot of drivers, getting their oil changed is very low on the list of priorities, though it should not be. Drivers need to be able to get their oil changed on a whim, in the very moment they realize that they are coming up on 3,000 miles between oil changes.”

The business model is perfectly suited for the harsh conditions of Western New York, according to the release. “The removal of the build-up road salt is imperative to proper car function,” said Gray. “Too many people do not realize the damage that salt can do to many of the car’s major components if left unchecked.”

No appointment is needed, and the business is designed around getting customers the necessary service in a timely fashion, according to the Jan. 24 release.

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