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U.S. Embassy in Iraq installs closed-loop carwash

February 13, 2014

SOUTH HAVEN, Mich. — The United States Embassy in Iraq will be the location for the first CamelRack, according to a press release.

The machine is designed by Riveer to be semi-permanent, and uses a closed-loop system that recycles wash water “for indefinite periods of time without intervention,” according to the release.

Washing a car by hand uses an estimated 160 gallons of water, and the CamelRack reduces that amount by 95 percent.

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“There is an increasing demand for closed-loop car washes as issues regarding fresh water, ground water pollution and the spread of noxious weeds gain more attention,” said President of Riveer, Matt Petter. “The needs of the U.S. Embassy in Iraq are really no different than an equipment company in Arizona in that the objective is to wash vehicles on site in a harsh environment while conserving water.”

Riveer was founded in 1983, and designs environmentally friendly wash equipment for military, industrial and commercial use.