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Gold cars turn into profits for carwashes

February 19, 2014

PANAMA CITY, Fla. — There’s nothing wrong with a yellow car, except when it's that color because of pollen buildup, according to station WJGH.

One wash customer, John Hudson, explained how the pollen made him need a carwash. “There was a lot of pollen, and my car turns from white to gold if I don’t keep it washed during pollen season.”

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There are a percentage of people who’re allergic to pollen, around 13 percent, so that can play a role in people’s need to get it off of cars, explained Dr. Randall Humphreys in the article.

“We get the cars coming in and they will be covered in yellow pollen,” said Wash Me Now owner, Aaron Jurena. “They have to get their cars cleaned more often with the pollen in the air.”

The peak of pollen season in Florida is this week, according to forecasts.

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