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Car Wash Show Europe and the emergence of new markets

February 26, 2014

CHICAGO — Car Wash Show Europe “is a seminal event in our association’s history,” according to ICA Board Chairman, Gary Dennis. He said there is a need for an event focused in Europe, and there's no current event like the one that the ICA will provide.

The show will be held from Oct. 5-7, 2015 at the RAI Exhibition Center in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

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Dennis sees this event as an evolution in the carwash industry. “Our industry benefits when carwashing becomes more professional around the world. Successful trade shows allow us to provide new and expanded products to our members.”

The networking and educational experiences at the event will be greatly beneficial to members of the carwash industry, according to Dennis.

The event is also a chance for ICA’s international members to finally attend a show. He said that “the response [to the show] thus far has been overwhelmingly positive.”

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Dennis said more and more washes are doing business internationally, and this show will give a chance for an operator in Kansas to connect with a wash owner is England, for example.

Vendors in particular, are doing business internationally, with two-thirds of ICA vendors having some business outside of the U.S. This event will give them a chance to expand into new markets to an even greater degree. “A carwash show by the industry, for the industry is likely to draw the best quality attendance for vendor members giving them more direct access to compete internationally,” he said.

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While the show is for the European market, Dennis expects the U.S. market to have a presence there as well. “We have already received interest from some of our U.S. based vendors, so I would expect a strong showing from any of our vendors who see the opportunity” in attending.

A main reason for the show in Europe is changes to the European carwash market, said Dennis. “Like the U.S. in years past, many entrepreneurs are entering the business.” He said the trends are clear, and that there is a need for a show in the European market.

Dennis said the show will have a great impact, and bring in people from the carwash industry from all over. “We expect to attract attendees from a fairly wide geographic area” and Amsterdam, is a “world-class” exhibition city, according to Dennis.

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