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This Winter

March 1, 2014

Is it just me or does every news headline as of late sound something like this:  “Another massive storm pattern is moving in…” The weather has been crazy from coast to coast. Here in the Midwest, this winter has been one word. Brutal. 

There has been more snow, more ice, and more freezing temperatures than we have had in a long, long time. Thank goodness for hot chocolate and pet washes with heaters. 

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Fortunately, pets still must be washed. The incorporation of pet wash heaters for year round pet washing has been a stellar addition. All winter long, we have seen pet wash numbers remain steady, because wet snow still means a wet dog. 

The vacuums and blow dryers have been humming all winter to ensure our four legged friends are perfectly dry and comfortable. It certainly is no excuse to egg winter on any further, but having a year round pet wash has certainly come in handy this year. 

Winter has been long, but spring is just around the corner. We are anxious for spring and the newness it will hold, of which ice and snow will not be a part of. Here’s hoping!

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