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April 2, 2014

Featured Companies:
Airlift Doors AUTEC
ECP Inc. - Platinum™ ECP Inc. - Technician's Choice®
Extrutech Plastics Inc. Focused Carwash Solutions
KLOPP International, Inc. Qual Chem, LLC
Airlift Doors AUTEC

Airlift Doors, Inc. has been a leader in the commercial door business for over 30 years. We specialize in car washes, service bays, car dealerships, and oil change bays. We have a strong distributor network set up across the U.S. and work with a number of distributors overseas. With the most options available in the industry, you are sure to find the right door and opener for your wash or bay. Product features: polycarbonate doors, high speed vinyl doors, pneumatic openers and corrosion resistant hardware. Visit

Inside this vibrant presentation folder, AUTEC provides prospective investors and carwash professionals with an abundance of relative information including existing customer profiles, equipment spec sheets, sample carwash menus and other beneficial pieces of literature.

Call 1-800-438-3028 to request an investor/professional carwash package or email In the meantime, visit for more information.
ECP Inc. ECP Inc.

ECP, Inc., one of the oldest and most trusted names in chemical research and development, proudly showcases our updated 4th Edition Platinum Professional Car Wash Systems® catalog. Featuring proven chemistry and merchandising targeted to increase sales. If you want to deliver the cleanest and driest cars in the industry – Take your customers Platinum!™ 800.323.3521 or,

ECP, Inc., one of the oldest and most trusted names in chemical research and development, proudly showcases our updated 13th Edition Technician's Choice® catalog. Featuring Appearance, Reconditioning, Prep & Service Chemicals for automotive, fleet, truck & transportation. Contact us for all of your detail chemical, fastener and shop supply needs. 800.323.3521 or,
Extrutech Plastics Inc. Focused Carwash SolutionsCOMPANY

Extrutech Plastics, Inc., introduces a new "stay in place" concrete form for 6" poured walls. The Extrutech FORM is 24" wide and snaps together for quick installation. This FORM offers an easy to clean sanitary surface on both sides. The product creates a structural wall system that is builder and customer friendly. Use in Dairy, Car Wash or Food facilities. Contact Extrutech at 888-818-0118 or visit our website at to learn more.

Focused Carwash Solutions introduces the all-new Xtreme Pak chemical line! As operators ourselves, this line was designed with the operator in mind. From initial site design and layout, to chemical and equipment, marketing and consulting, and operating high volume car washes, your team will be on target and FOCUSED! For more information, call 303-841-6606 or visit
KLOPP International, Inc. Qual Chem, LLC

KLOPP International has been a manufacturer of Coin Handling Equipment since 1931. Our Coin Counters and Sorters are the only machines on the market that can Count Wet Coins and Tokens. KLOPP Machines are all metal and Made in the USA. Product Line Includes: Coin Counters, Sorters, Coin Counting Scales, Currency Sorters and our New Token Cleaner.

Visit our website at for more information.

Qual Chem is a leading international manufacturer and supplier of vehicle washing products. Qual Chem uses a unique yet simple approach to vehicle cleaning, and with Qual Chem products you are assured of ISO 9001 certified processes, and ecologically friendly raw materials. For more information, visit or call 800.616.CHEM.
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