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To dry or not to dry?

April 21, 2014

Operators are consistently being told not to dry their towels because it will ruin them or diminish their lifespan. Drying towels will increase the efficacy of the towels by restoring the static charge that creates absorbency. If you’ve ever washed and dried microfiber at home, you will notice that when you take it out of the dryer that other objects are sticking to your microfiber. That is because the heat and friction have restored the static charge and as a result your employees will experience better performance from the towels.

Microfiber will melt but only at temperatures over 240 degrees Fahrenheit. If washes are using residential machines for laundry, they can dry microfiber on a high setting without damaging the product. If operators find that their towels aren’t working as well after drying them, it is due to poor quality of microfiber, not the drying process.  As always, be sure to wash and dry your microfiber separately from your cotton towels. Microfiber is always looking for something to grab and if you wash them with your cotton towels, they will grab all of the lint from your cotton leaving you will a towel that won’t absorb anything.


David George is president of Rock Creek Associates/ Legacy Microfiber Products. For more information, call (562) 691-5400.