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Commissioner: Police should wash their cars at home by hand

April 30, 2014

NEW CASTLE, Pa. — A Lawrence County Commissioner is encouraging at-home carwashing in an effort to save money, New Castle News reported.

The April 30 story stated that Commissioner Steve Craig believes Sheriff Perry Quahliero and the sheriff's deputies should wash their police vehicles at home.

Craig said he came to this proposal after seeing that the sheriff's department had spent $66 at Jim's Brushless Car Wash in one month.

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“We’re trying to pinch pennies here,” Craig said in the story. And, he continued, they should wash their cars themselves “and use their own buckets and sponges.”

Craig admitted that the $66 is not a lot of money, but, “I think its endemic of what the taxpayers get upset about when they see these kinds of expenditures," the story stated.

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