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Light lovebug season possibly from cooler weather

June 2, 2014

OCALA, Fla. — The lovebug season in May was far less of a nuisance than it has been in other years, according to  

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The flies, known as lovebugs, did not completely cover windshields and front bumpers like they have done in the past. The reason for the decrease, noted the article, may be the weather.

From October to April, lovebug eggs are developed from larva to a fly, the article states. "The lovebug spends most of its life as larva at the soil surface, usually beneath decaying vegetation,” said Normal Leppla, a University of Florida professor.

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“In that situation, it depends on its environment to be fairly stable. If it is too dry or too wet the larva will die. We don't have any data that confirms (it was the weather), but the environment probably wasn't supportive during last year." Air temperature could have also impacted lovebug season.

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