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Detailer talks shop, strangest thing he's seen

June 11, 2014

GRIMES, Iowa — Asked what is the strangest item he’s ever come across while detailing a vehicle, auto detailer Doug Shaheen said it was a squirrel that jumped out of an engine compartment, according to  

The Seven Hills auto detailer explained in the article the differences between washing and detailing a vehicle. “Carwashing is maintaining the exterior and wheel cleaning on a weekly basis. Detailing is a more-involved process that provides the protection and cleaning of your exterior's finish. Also, interior cleaning removes unwanted dirt and soil from your carpets and seats. Cleaning of all interiors prevents build-up of dirt and grime.”

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He said that customers have told him that their car has looked better after getting detailed at Seven Hills than it did when it was brand new.

The full story includes pictures of vehicles that Shaheen has detailed.

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