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How to handle Facebook’s diminished reach

June 17, 2014

CLEVELAND — Marketing your business through Facebook has become significantly more difficult in 2014, according to Small Business Trends.    

In January, Facebook made changes to what types of posts people see most frequently, which has made it much more difficult for businesses like carwashes to get noticed, notes the article. There are, however, some ways to combat Facebook’s changes.

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The first suggestion the blog makes is to move your social media communications away from Facebook, and onto other popular platforms like Pinterest and Twitter. “Quite honestly, you may not need to do an official breakup with Facebook,” states the blog. “But you should consider finding other social programs to spend some time with to reach a new audience.”

Another option is paying for promoted posts. A campaign can be run for as little as $30, and reach thousands of people, according to the article.

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The third option the blog proposes is to tough it out on Facebook, and make some changes to improve your reach. Posts with just text no longer rank as highly, so using pictures to accompany your communications will increase their visibility. Also, notes the blog, spend some time finding the right eye-catching image that will entice your readers to view your communications.

Another tip is to monitor how many people each post reaches, and to learn from this analysis which posts Facebook likes, and which ones get sent to very few of your fans.

The full blog also has some innovative Link Sharing strategies to increase your page views, and information on what the best picture size is for posts on Facebook.

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