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Rush of business at carwash after rotting meat covers vehicles

July 15, 2014

QUEENSBURY, N.Y. — A Hoffman Car Wash location had to deal with the unique problem of assisting customers in cleaning rotting meat off of their vehicles on Thursday afternoon, according to the

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A road became covered in what one witness said he thought was chicken fat after a delivery truck began to spill its contents.

Matt Phillips, a manager at Hoffman, estimated 35 customers came to the wash to remove the decomposing material, notes the article. The smell of the rotting meat, he continued, was unbearable to many of the employees, who he said "had to step out for a while, it was so bad.”

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The wash staff had drivers first go to self-serve bays to clean their vehicles, before going through an automated wash.

An updated article states that a witness saw a truck with markings indicating it was operated by Baker Commodities of Albany, a company that offers grease removal services. State Police, notes the article, have taken a report on the incident.  

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