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Bomb squad detonates explosives found in carwash

March 13, 2012

NEWNAN, GA — A robot was used to detonate two “explosive-type devices” discovered in a carwash office here, according to The Newnan Times-Herald.

The March 13 story stated that a truck came to Riptide Car Wash, and employees removed items from the bed of the truck, including two small canisters, before the vehicle was washed.

The truck drove off without the canisters, and employees put them inside the office thinking the driver would return for them. The next day, an employee saw the canisters and pulled back a piece of tape on one. After he saw a fuse, cotton padding and granular powder, he called the police.

A bomb-unit robot was used to remove the small canisters and safely detonate them on a road behind the carwash. Although the detonation was loud, there were no injuries or damage reported.

Investigators are now reviewing tapes from the carwash’s video cameras to identify the truck and driver.