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Carwash owner admits to political sham

January 26, 2012

AKRON, OH — Carwash and pizza shop owner Joseph Gallucci admitted to jurors that County Auditor Frank Russo gave him money and a job with the county after he agreed to run a “sham” campaign against him for the 2006 county auditor election race, a NewsChannel5 story said.

The Jan. 26 story said Gallucci testified that he falsely ran as the Republican candidate and was pressured by Russo to not drop out until Russo was left with zero challengers.

When Gallucci decided he did want to drop out, Russo offered up $2,000 per month in cash to stay in the so-called race. Gallucci obliged and Assistant U.S. Attorney Nancy Kelley showed evidence in court that the money was delivered to Gallucci’s carwash.

The federal court hearing is ongoing and no decisions have been made by jurors.