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Carwash the movie

October 11, 2010
It came out the same year as Rocky and Taxi Driver, but the 1976 movie Car Wash, starring Richard Pryor, considered by many to be a campy comedy, was actually hailed by some big critics. Here’s what movie reviewers said back in the day.

Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times:
“All of this is held together by the music, which is nearly wall-to-wall, and by the picture’s tremendous sense of life. It’s one thing to have an idea like this — a zany, sometimes serious day in the life of a carwash — and another thing to make it work.”

Vincent Canby of the New York Times:
“… a cheerful, somewhat vulgar, very cleverly executed comedy about what goes on in a single 10-hour period in a Los Angeles car wash. …[It] dips into and out of the lives of more than two dozen characters. It demobilizes the old service comedy and returns it to civilian life in blithely free form.”

From Time Out Film Guide:
“An amazingly sprightly account of a day in the life of a car wash…”

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